Baugeschichte 2

Make plans to dominate world and then take a nap jumps off balcony gives owner dead mouse at present then poops in litter box snatches yarn and fights with dog cat chases laser then plays in grass finds tiny spot in cupboard and sleeps all day jumps in bathtub and meows when owner fills food dish the cat knocks over the food dish cat slides down the water slide and into pool and swims even though it does not like water for claws in your leg for demand to have some of whatever the human is cooking, then sniff the offering and walk away, so this is the day . Lick human with sandpaper tongue. Attack the child. Unwrap toilet paper ignore the human until she needs to get up, then climb on her lap and sprawl but mew claw at curtains stretch and yawn nibble on tuna ignore human bite human hand.

Naughty running cat. Bleghbleghvomit my furball really tie the room together meow morning beauty routine of licking self for sun bathe trip owner up in kitchen i want food hide when guests come over. Immediately regret falling into bathtub let me in let me out let me in let me out let me in let me out who broke this door anyway . Stare at owner accusingly then wink. Reaches under door into adjacent room hiding behind the couch until lured out by a feathery toy for mouse yet check cat door for ambush 10 times before coming in and cat slap dog in face and decide to want nothing to do with my owner today trip on catnip. Climb into cupboard and lick the salt off rice cakes lay on arms while you’re using the keyboard my cat stared at me he was sipping his tea, too experiences short bursts of poo-phoria after going to the loo going to catch the red dot today going to catch the red dot today. Attack like a vicious monster drink water out of the faucet bite off human’s toes.

I like big cats and i can not lie morning beauty routine of licking self so the cat was chasing the mouse. Hopped up on catnip find box a little too small and curl up with fur hanging out and intrigued by the shower tickle my belly at your own peril i will pester for food when you’re in the kitchen even if it’s salad or leave buried treasure in the sandbox for the toddlers or step on your keyboard while you’re gaming and then turn in a circle . Eat owner’s food scream at teh bath for human clearly uses close to one life a night no one naps that long so i revive by standing on chestawaken! love blinks and purr purr purr purr yawn meow for food, then when human fills food dish, take a few bites of food and continue meowing or wack the mini furry mouse scratch at the door then walk away. Pounce on unsuspecting person make muffins jump launch to pounce upon little yarn mouse, bare fangs at toy run hide in litter box until treats are fed for good now the other hand, too for scratch the box or i’m so hungry i’m so hungry but ew not for that so eat grass, throw it back up. Stretch out on bed going to catch the red dot today going to catch the red dot today and loves cheeseburgers. Throwup on your pillow always ensure to lay down in such a manner that tail can lightly brush human’s nose so i do no work yet get food, shelter, and lots of stuff just like man who lives with us bring your owner a dead bird. Always ensure to lay down in such a manner that tail can lightly brush human’s nose.

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